The Consequences of Ipads, Tablets, and YouTube as Parents!

Written by on October 22, 2019

How is technology and parents who utilize it helping our children? We look into this subject today on the Jack Hatfield show.

This episode will feature an interview with Pastor Sylvester Brown. Pastor Sylvester Brown is a very understanding man of GOD and of People.

He carries the word love in his actions and in his heart. Whatever problem anyone has, he seems to have the answer from GOD.

He is an Author of 2 books and has appeared on the TBN Network Channel, Vision 105 Radio Station along with other popular media platforms.

He feels his mission is to show people a simple way of living their dream from GOD within us.

He has a unique perspective of the dinner table of various ethnic and diverse backgrounds.

He has witnessed firsthand what technology can do to children and we look into that insight.

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